Monday, February 27, 2017

Subscribe to Update Notifications has a new capability to inform you of newly curated discoveries from the experimental literature in your areas of scientific interest.  These "update notifications" will be sent to you
in a single email in conjunction with each of the three yearly BioCyc releases.

You can define your areas of interest in several ways:
  • By entering one or more specific genes or pathways of interest.
  • By entering a pathway class of interest, e.g., if you specify the MetaCyc Detoxification pathway class, you will receive updates about new or revised detoxification pathways from all domains of life that are curated in MetaCyc. 
  • By specifying a Gene Ontology term such as Cell Killing, you will receive updates when new genes are annotated to that biological process, or when the curation of existing genes under that term are updated.
Updates are triggered whenever a gene or pathway receives new literature citations.  And each update-notification request must be associated with a single Tier 1 or Tier 2  BioCyc database (organism) -- you cannot request notifications from all databases.

To enter new update-notification requests, log in to your BioCyc account and go to the update-notification page.

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